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Bad Effects of Swimming in the pool after playing on computer

Posted on May 20, 2017  in Uncategorized

Each and every person now holds on to their mobile phones, tablets and any type of electronic device where they could update their friends with what is happening in their social lives. After spending more than 10 hours using the screaming led screen of computers, you tend to freshen up and wash your face with soap and water. Some would even take a bath after a long period of time staring at the computer. We all have to understand the good and bad effects of washing off after using the computer, worse is jumping and swimming in the pool immediately.


Doctors have conducted several research about the effects of swimming in the pool after using the computer. The effects vary from long and short period of time to the type of sickness that this activity may trigger. These group of doctors has indicated several attributes that would be the primary cause of blindness and other eye problems. Generally speaking, without basing the assumption on medical records and on researchers, it is really not advisable to wash up when your eyes are tired. It is suggested that the eyes should rest every 15 minutes and keep them away from the computer screen, mobile phones and tablets just so your activity would not cause any harm to your health. The effects may not be noticed right away but in due time and in a few years more, a person may notice the changes in the vision and other health issues.

Partnering with technology and medical studies, there are numerous ways on how to get past the troublesome fear of playing on the computer and swimming in the pool right after. Studies recommend tips and tricks but one of the most interesting is the use of propane heaters. Propane heaters are portable and handy solutions for heating which may be used in the swimming pool. These heaters come with the pool vacuum( to make sure that the pool is also always clean. The reason why these are recommended based on studies is that they allow heat to circulate within the pool and then would make the body relax more instead of forcing it to withstand the cold water. Some from the sun have features where you can adjust the wave of the heat depending on the room where you are in or the place where you would like to use the product to. There is no need to worry about any electronic device going in the way of these products as they are licensed and approved by trusted technological scientists. Recommended propane heaters have thermostatic controllers which would help the consumer to keep the water and room temperature on an average.

We could confirm that swimming in the pool after playing for long hours on the computer may be dangerous to one’s health. It may trigger complications and may create unpleasant habits that contribute to poor health condition. However, with the help of researchers, doctors, and scientists collaborating with advanced technology, there are better ways and solutions to every issue that people may encounter. It is best that we think in advance rather than wait for these circumstances to come. For other recommended propane heaters, you may visit appliance stores or browse online to take advantage of discounts, promotions and free shipping and handling offered by companies who sell this portable wonder.