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Assassin’s Creed 2 - New Info From Montreal Newspaper Interview

The biggest Montreal newspaper has a small interview with a Ubisoft employee on the new upcoming game, and he gave exclusive info in the interview.
  • Ezio Auditore di Firenze, the new hero of this adventure, is very different from altair. ” Being Italian, we wanted to give him a big attraction for women. Hes a seductor(…) hes also more warm and free than altair, following his ambition for revenge instead of only obeying orders.


  •  The first game was critisize for being to linear. Thats why this one will have ove a dozen new types of missions, with alot more liberty and surprises. For example you can decide to kill some witnesses if you feel they we’re watching you too much during your assassination.


  • Desmond Miles is back again, but this time the modern areas of the game will be more exciting.


  • The new hero is a much better swimmer than altair, he can even hide underwater or kill his victims after bringing them into the water canals.


  • Youll meet historic people in this game, some victims other allies. davinci will be playing a very important role as your mentor and will create gadgets for you to use.


  •  Having more than your secondary knife, youll be able to defend yourself with your fists. you are a master of death, so you have to know everyway to defend yourself


  •  The clothes of Ezio are a mix of nobles Italian families from the renaissance (hes a privilege man who’s been betrayed by the heading families of Italy) and feathers typical of assassin’ in that time Unlike the first, you’ll be able to blend in with more than just priest now.


  • big jumps are back from the first, but with your new ability you’ll be able to dive right into water.


  • One of Leonardo biggest contibution will be a flying machine helping you getting into normally unaccessible locations. Youll also need it in some of the missions.


  • The criticize ending of the first will not change the way they look at this one. I don’t think a direct ending is the best choice cause it leaves no place for imagination. One thing is for sure, will eventually get an AC3.


[Thanks to sebapmr from GameTrailers forums]