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Nintendo canceled new handheld in last three years

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned in a recent interview with CNBC that the company had a new handheld all set to go in the last three years, but ultimately decided to scrap the plan.

Rumor: PS3 to release a new major PS3 firmware during E3

According to a reliable source, who like to remain anonymous, will Sony during E3 to announce a new feature for the console. This feature will be immediately available by a firmware update during E3 gelaunched will be.

GameTap taps into Microsoft Game Studios library

GameTap’s library of “on demand” games has just gotten that much larger thanks to a partnership with Microsoft Game Studios. Age of Mythology, Age of Empires 2, Fable: The Lost Chapter,Freelancer, Mech Warrior 4: Mercenaries, Rise of Nations and the Zoo Tycoon series are available now and lead off the service’s MGS lineup, which will grow over the coming months.

Battlefield 1943 will cost only $ 15

Each game fanatic who likes online gaming, and shooters Battlefield next month can enjoy the latest offspring of the Battlefield series: Battlefield 1943. The games developed by DICE and published by EA are always a success. This new game is only on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and XBLA and only $ 15. Translated for European markets is that only € 11.20.

EA: PC becoming biggest platform, digital distribution profits doubled this year

EA has been making a killing in the PC gaming space (unlike its performance with music-based games), the company revealed during its recent financial earnings report. Shacknews has reported that EA has seen profits from digital distribution on the PC platform double over last year to $80 million, whereas the company’s digital distribution revenue on the whole has generated $400 million for the company this fiscal year.

1 vs 100 Could Be Achievement Treasure Trove

For Xbox Live Gold members playing Microsoft’s next experiment, Achievement points — lots of them — will be free.
1 vs 100 has one thing in common with every other Xbox 360 game. The massively multiplayer Xbox 360 game show will have Achievements. And that means that even people who don’t want to play it can mine it for Achievement Points.

THQ CEO places doubt on PS3 price cut at E3 THQ CEO places doubt on PS3 price cut at E3

Are you expecting Sony to make the megaton announcement at E3? You know the one we’re talking about. The price cut? Well, THQ doesn’t share that vision. At its investor call earlier today, THQ’s Brian Farrell cast large doubt on a PS3 price announcement at the annual trade show. “We’re not expecting a price cut at E3, but we do expect one later in the year.”

Sony shows off unreleased games to Japanese public

Sony Japan is currently seeking members from the Japanese public to check out some upcoming PS3 and PSP games. The selected participants will be watching movies and even playing the unreleased titles, in order to provide feedback and hopefully improve the general quality of SCEJ’s software.

Second phase of Microsoft staff cuts start today Second phase of Microsoft staff cuts start today

According to an internal email seen by CNET, the second round of Microsoft layoffs begin today, part of the 5,000 in job cuts promised by the company in January. Back then, we were hopeful that solid Xbox performance would help spare the gaming division that until we heard about the shuttering of ACES and the dissolution of the Gamerscore Blog team.