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Unofficial: the complete Guitar Hero 5 track list

Joystiq has compile together the full Guitar Hero 5 track list by using previously announced artists and trusted sources to obtain the complete (though not officially confirmed) set of tracks. We think that many will be …

StarCraft II will have no LAN and no console support

According to Rob Pardo, Blizzard’s VP of Game Design, they “don’t have any plans to support LAN(in Starcraft 2),” and explained that all multiplayer will run through Blizzard’s newly revamped Battle.net service.

Acti boss - “We might have to stop supporting Sony” next year [Update]

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is starting to believe that there isn’t enough incentive to release games on the PlayStation 3 or PSP. He told The Times, “I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a …

Infinity Ward denies Call of Duty subscription rumors Infinity Ward denies Call of Duty subscription rumors

According to an alleged Activision survey, a paid Call of Duty service would “enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements”. With rumors pointing to a Call of Duty subscription service under consideration at …

Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare pushes Xbox 360 to its “upper limits”

Speaking with VG247 at E3 this week, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin said that Modern Warfare 2 leaves the Xbox 360 winded and gasping for breath. At this point, he noted, it’s all about finding little tricks to squeeze more power out of the aging machine. The game looks absolutely amazing and you can tell that this game requiere a-lot of horses under the hood to run.

Call of Duty: World at War is $25 on Steam through May 18

Valve’s Steam store continues its trend of weekend deals, offering the PC version of Call of Duty: World at War for half-price from today until Sunday, May 17 midnight. Regularly priced for download at $49.99, the game which includes the recently released Map Pack 1 is bargain at $24.99.

Call Of Duty 7 confirm to be in development Call Of Duty 7 confirm to be in development

Can you believe that Treyarch is already hard at work on Call of Duty 7? According to a Treyarch designer’s online CV, Call Of Duty 7 is already being worked on.