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Video Game Marketing: What Works For Us

Posted on May 27, 2016  in News

Choosing the right e-mail marketing software is very important. We have tried all sorts and eventually settled on Converkit and eventually Drip. Drip we use for our gaming business while Convertkit is what we use to manage this blog. A lot needs to be taken into account whenever you opt for one. Your target market, the products you’re advertising and the size of the email list should feature in your choice.


You’ve the selection of choosing free e-mail software or one you’ve to pay for. Many people underestimate the need for using good applications for their company. A company that depends on generating large electronic mailing list and selling a service or product over the internet should be cautious regarding the software they use. Applications that costs money is way more sophisticated and certainly will provide you with all the tools you need to achieve your market and track its behavior towards your e-mails.

This is particularly helpful to improve the answer you get. As the expression goes, You get what you pay for. The better e-mail applications sellers will give you an entire host of attributes included in your applications, however this relies on your demands. A few of the more sophisticated applications allows you to send several thousand e-mails at one go. In addition they help you to monitor the e-mails you send out to your audience through a monitoring system. The system assists you to assess for open rates, deliverability etc. This is useful info for those who sell products on the web.

E-mail marketing software like Mailchimp comes along with ready made templates of HTML, so you do not have to waste time making your very own. You only have to work around one among the choices given by the applications. Templates of HTML assist you to track and monitor e-mails, which cannot be done with plain text templates. HTML also lets you to add graphics and pictures besides the usual font colour, kind and size. You’ve the choice of selecting desktop e-mail marketing software or hosted ASP. The background e-mail marketing applications scores over the hosted ASP since you may maintain your customers private on one’s own computer.

The first investment in the desktop e-mail marketing software is higher as when compared to the hosted ASP. However, you might find yourself paying more for the hosted ASP dependant on the number of e-mails you send out and if the size of your email list increases. Good e-mail marketing application must assist you manage your membership list and quickly create various listings with unlimited customers on each. It should also provide your subscribers with an easy subscribe/unsubscribe facility and help you track of e-mail and study the responses you get.

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