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Conviction producer says players shouldn’t fear the new ‘Mark and Execute’ feature

Ubisoft Montreal producer Alexandre Parizeau told the gaming Blog Joystiq that gamers should not fear Splinter Cell: Conviction’s new ‘Mark and Execute’ feature. Since first showing off the feature during Microsoft’s Pre-E3 media briefing, Parizeau says some gamers fear the game will become too easy.

Nintendo canceled new handheld in last three years

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned in a recent interview with CNBC that the company had a new handheld all set to go in the last three years, but ultimately decided to scrap the plan.

EA exec states there won’t be more Godfather games

Electronic Arts is according to the LA Times done with The Godfather Franchise. But apparently everyone knows this except Paramount. In an interview at E3 on Wednesday, Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games label, said that after April’s release of The Godfather II, his company is done with making video games based on the critically acclaimed film series.

EA confirms Dante’s Inferno protest was staged

Electronic Arts has admitted that the Dante’s Inferno protest during E3 was staged by a guerrilla marketing agency. The publisher confirmed to the AP that the firm hired 20 people to hold signs like “Just say Infer-NO” and “Trade in your PlayStation for a PrayStation.”

Gran Turismo for PSP finally arriving October 1st Gran Turismo for PSP finally arriving October 1st

Sony announce at E3 that Gran Turismo will finally see a release on the system. The game will reportedly be pack, it will be packed with content: 800 cars to race around on 35 tracks with multiple variations that actually allow for 60 different race route.

Sony bringing PSP Go! October 1 to North America for $249 Sony bringing PSP Go! October 1 to North America  for $249

Sony has officially announce the new PSP at their E3 press conference.

All the earlier details hold true , it slide-out, there’s 16GB of flash memory on board, actually the only new info release was the price and it’s release date.

E3 2009: Assassin’s Creed II Trailer E3 2009: Assassin’s Creed II Trailer

Ubisoft has today unveil a new Assassin’s Creed 2 Trailer, the Cinematic Trailer features cinematics from the game and look absolutely stunning, also there is a showdown in a dark alley. Watch the trailer after the break.

Halo 3 ODST E3 Trailer Plus Images

Here you have it guys, Microsoft E3 HALO: ODST trailer, the game will be release this September and will include the beta for HALO: Reach. Trailer after the Break

Epic to Announce PS3 Exclusive at E3

Examiner is reporting that next Tuesday at E3, Sony and Epic Games will announce a brand-new horror based title exclusively for the PS3. The game will be utilizing the more refined Unreal Engine 3 than found in Gears of War 2. The title is said to be in the works for quite some time.