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Rumor: PSP app store to be unveiled at Cologne Gamescom

A source close to Destructoid ssuggests that Sony is working on an App store for the PSP Go, to be revealed at Gamescom in Cologne, this August. The source said that Sony might be unveiling a section …

Kojima says MGS: Peace Walker is his MGS5, calls Rising a ‘different kind of action’ game

Speaking with Japanese mag Famitsu (via PSPHyper), the gaming icon Hideo Kojima said that MGS: Peace Walker will pretty much be his MGS5 — something that will likely be excellent news to every Metal Gear Fan in the …

Pachter apologizes for comments about PSP Go’s rip-off price

Michael Pachter has stated he “sincerely” regrets commenting that Sony is ripping off consumers with the PSP Go’s $250 price point. In an interview with IndustryGamers, Pachter takes the opportunity at the end to retract previous statement …

May NPD: UFC on top while DS, PS2 sales suffer

THQ’s came out with a TOK win with UFC 2009 Undisputed selling 1.01 million units across the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Other games on the other hand didn’t fair as well in their debut month, notably Punch-Out!!, which moved 150K copies on Wii.

A ‘majority’ of back catalog PSP games available to download Oct. 1, all first party titles thereafter

Sony has confirmed that “just about” every PSP game releasing after October 1 ,the release date of the PSP Go, would be available for download. PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein stated on Sunday(via gaming blog Destructoid) that he couldn’t speak about the availability of third party titles at that time.

Pachter says Sony is ‘ripping off’ consumers with PSP Go

On a recent episode of Bonus Round, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter states, “$249 is too much. Period.” He goes on to say that while the handheld is priced to compete with Apple’s $229 8GB iPod Touch, it doesn’t deliver the iTunes App Store or downloadable music from iTunes.

Sony’s Lempel: ‘You’re not going to see trophies on the PSP’

With the one-year anniversary of Sony’s Trophy system this month, the good guys over at Joystiq were eager to learn how Sony could enhance the current offering of the service, leveraging the PlayStation brand and distancing itself from the Xbox 360’s Achievements system. So, during E3 last week, Joystiq asked Eric Lempel (Director of PlayStation Network Operations) when Trophies would make their way to the PSP. Lempel said, bluntly, “You’re not going to see Trophies on the PSP.”

PSP Go: All-new accessories

In Sony press-only booth, there was a area reserved for showing off the various accessories that will be available for PSP Go when it hits US shelves on October 1. There were cases, wrist straps, Sony-branded screen protectors etc… But since the handheld doesn’t have a standard mini USB port like the PSP-3000. PSP GO! owners will have to buy all new accessories!

Sony considering UMD game trade-in program for PSP Go digital versions

Sony’s John Koller, director of hardware marketing, stated in a recent interview that the company is considering a UMD game trade-in program for PSP Go customers. Speaking with Gizmodo, Koller stated the company plans to unveil a “good will program,” allowing customers to link digital copies of their games to their Go.

Team ICO LittleBigPlanet DLC coming next week

A new trailer found on the Media Molecule website suggests that official Shadow of the Colossus DLC is coming to the game next week. It’s unclear whether it’s just costumes and props, or whether it’ll be an MGS4 style pack, with levels and maybe an extra gameplay addition. But we all are hoping for the MGS4 style pack. Catch the trailer after the break.