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Month: November 2016

The Must-play video games of interior designers and architects

Posted on November 3, 2016  in Uncategorized

Interior designers and architects require great creativity and innovation skills to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their services. These creative skills help to develop unique structures and buildings while accommodating the taste of the end users on their products. Software developers have designed awesome video games ideal for them since they ignite a human curiosity and anxiety as they develop their cognitive development skills.  Must have video games include


The Sims and SimCity

This game immerses a human mind to think widely and imagine a dream neighborhood. The single and multiple player games are a responsive simulation game with different models to help create an empire. It is a city management game where your decision matters in the overall functioning of the entire city. The multiplayer also helps in managements and coordination of different cities at the comfort of your office because you won’t need to get bench top drill press in this game unlike in real-life. In addition, it helps designers to familiarize themselves with some services necessary for cities like paint sprayer (check the top rated  airless paint sprayer here), police stations, power and telephone lines, sewer line and other utility services. The game is based on a discovery mission in building the cities.the sims


Calvino Noir

Calvino Noir is a game built on an adventure where a player explores complex rooms within the towers. As you move towards the rooms, the sculptural design becomes more complex when you get the best drill press and you have to think and make a timely decision on the best route to follow. The model of the rooms opens an architecture’s mind on different set up that exist in the design of buildings.


Monument Valley

This is a puzzle- structure game with the taste of the Islamic monuments and Scottish castle designs. The game features the traditional architectural design with an aim of using them to integrate the structures in the current designs. The game lacks time limits giving a novice time to think of the best moves and its repercussions on the


Mine Craft

This is a simple yet famous game among video game lovers.  The game has simple blocks, which you can use to build a design of choice. You can build an empire from the simple blocks. This is the work of architects and designers, this game helps them use their skills acquired from training to build unique structures to emulate in their careers.


Gone Home

Gone home is an award winning a video game, which explores designs rather than creates them. The context of its development is a player needs to discover the structure and design of the inherited home. The player moves through the mansion and peruses through letters, notepads, cassette tapes and postcards to give an idea of secret information about the home. The player uses the information to make different discoveries.



Architecture and interior design is a practical-based career whose success is determined by creativity, innovation, and real life application. Apart from the entertainment aspect, these video games help stimulate logic and reasoning in solving various life challenges. These video games are must play for architects and interior designers whether as a novice or experienced professionals.