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Month: October 2016

Ping Pong Video Game compared to Real Life Ping pong Game

Posted on October 18, 2016  in Uncategorized

Ping Pong video game is one of the pilot games in the video game industry. This is attributed to the simplicity of its development. It only requires two-dimensional graphic in the design of the game. The game has an option of watching previously recorded games or one player with the computer or two players. The aim of the game is to emerge a winner by gaining the first ten points.

Here are some reasons one may prefer video game to real life game

No physical activity

Ping Pong video game does not involve a lot of physical activity. It is a game you can play when you just want to understand ball movement and tricks in winning the game. You can play several games within a short time compared to real life due to time limits, rules, and regulations. This game is ideal for persons with physical challenges where they cannot physically engage in the game. When taking that long road trip, you can enjoy the game in the comfort of your couch.

Training in Ping Pong skills

Novices can play Ping Pong video games to learn the rules and tricks of being a good table tennis player use. The information page of the game provides comprehensive content of the game, which relates to real life sport. Once you have the theory structure of the game, you are able to apply it in a real game and become a successful table tennis player.

Creative thinking

This is not just a video game; it ignites the cognitive thinking of a player to take the best decision, which will turn into a win. Enhanced cognitive development helps in tackling various life challenges to help make the best life decisions. Creative thinkers develop tools that provide timely solutions in various fields.

Cognitive development

The video game requires integration of ball movement and location concepts to hit the ball, not within the reach of the opponent. The psychological focus improves reasoning and logic in the player. In real life, the focus is just on winning without considering any other underlying factors. While playing, various information instincts run through your mind on the science behind the development of the game

Visual outlook

The visual outlook of the video game and graphical colors is appealing to the eye. Children with low concentration span are glued to the computer for long hours while enjoying the game. It offers a great pass time for the players.

Ping Pong video game is the ultimate solution for overall brain development of the player compared to real life gaming. It helps focus attention on various life aspects and skills customization in making the right decision that governs a player’s life. The above reasons give Ping Pong video game an upper hand compared to real-life table tennis. However, video games should not replace traditional physical sport because they also have numerous health benefits which include physical fitness. Video game only provides mental fitness. Humans require both physical and mental fitness for successful body functioning, you can also try table tennis robot and play on your own. Here is table tennis robot comparison at