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Month: August 2016


A BBQ Party will be Held for the Dark Souls III Gamers

Posted on August 15, 2016  in News


Months after this action roleplaying video game Dark Souls III was developed and published, the game has been widely popular among avid fans of video games who has their hands on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows OS. It was first released in March 2016 in Japan, while in April 2016, it was released in April 2016.

It has been successful, critically and commercially. To celebrate this success, we are hosting a BBQ party for all the gamers who have contributed to this amazing triumph.

“This upcoming BBQ party is a great plan and exciting way to bring gamers of the Dark Souls III together. I want to encourage people to leave their gaming equipment for once and actually have fun with other gamers face-to-face, talk about things related or non-related to the game itself. ”

You don’t have to be grilling expert to join this event, we’ve invited a few grilling experts that will entertain you with their cooking skills. How good they are at grilling, is the same how delicious the food they will be preparing. Don’t lose the chance to be able to eat delicious and most importantly FREE grilled food.

Aside from the grilling experts, we will be having a grilling competition among the gamers. Thanks to our generous donors and providers, will be giving prices ranging from $2, 000 - $3, 000.

For the competition, we are encouraging participants to bring their own apron, meat, and a pair of thongs. Don’t worry about the smoking equipment, we are providing you with quality-made kitchenware borrowed from one of our grilling equipment friends. Being their early will give you the best chances picking the best smoker. Look at these reviews:

What time should you be there? Like we’ve mentioned, we’re encouraging participants to come early, preferably 3:00 pm. For the people who just want to casually grill, eat and chat with other gamers, you can come around 4 o’clock in the morning.

Where are we holding the party? To be honest, we’re still thinking where to hold the party. Preferably, we would ask a gamer to host the party. But, we’re planning to setup in the party in a public park where every gamer can conveniently drive to. We don’t want you to spend 2 hours to drive to this location. So to make it easier for all of you, we’re asking you to register for this party and give us what city you are living at the moment so we can make a great venue for everyone.

Don’t forget to bring beer that everyone can enjoy! You can also bring other kinds of drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.