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inFAMOUS Demo to be release May 21st on PSN

SuckerPunch has just announce that they will release the demo for inFAMOUS on May 21,09 on the PlaySation Network.

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits unveils Guitar Hero III tracks

Activision has unveil some more Guitar Hero: Smash Hits tracks, but once again they release another short list of tracks to be included in GH: Smash Hits — this week from Guitar Hero III. They also release some new in-game images of the game. The game is set to release June 26, 2009 on the PS3, PS2, 360, and Wii.

Nintendo: 87 Percent of Wiis In Living Room, Launch New Service Channel Soon

Starting May 1 in Japan, the Nintendo Wii is getting a new video service channel called “Wii no Ma” (Wii Room). Nintendo president Satoru Iwata introduces it in a new video.

New Prototype trailer examines mission types, sword-arming

A new Prototype trailer was release today. In the trailer below, Prototype’s executive producer Tim Bennison explains the various mission types you’ll be playing. Between “shank dude then appear as him” and “chase giant monster through the city”.

New Screens of Gearbox’s of Borderlands Shows a New “Look”

Gearbox Software’s Borderlands has a new look, just don’t call it cel-shaded. It’s “concept art style” and it looks approximately one bazillion times more attractive than when we first lay eyes on the role-playing shooter. See the new eye popping screens at The Gamers Mag

Canada gets exclusive Xbox 360 Elite ‘Anniversary Bundle,’ GTA IV pack-in

Microsoft Canada has told Joystiq that a new console bundle is headed exclusively to the Great White North. The Grand Theft Auto IV: Limited Anniversary Edition bundle packs the best-selling “American Dream” simulator, GTA IV, with an Xbox 360 Elite console. As for other extras, the bundle comes up short, very short.

Lionhead gives a sneak video peek at next Fable 2 DLC “See the Future” now

Today Lionhead release Developer Diary #9, we’re getting our last sneak peek at Fable 2 in the final developer diary, this time centered on the upcoming “See the Future” DLC.

Rumor: Forza 3 Unofficially Announced

At a conference today in Brazil some artwork was supposedly was leaked and the franchise’s publisher, Microsoft, circulated a survey inquiring about the game.

PlayStation Store Content 04/30/09

This weeks Playstation Store update.

Tekken 6 Has “Console Specific” Content

Namco Bandai saved Tekken 6 news as their presentation finale. After a Tekken 6 trailer flashed Katsuhiro Harada, Executive Producer, took the stage and said a few works. Three of which were “console specific content.”